Friday, December 18, 2009

weekend project

I love these dog tags! They are simple but totally cute, and the best part is that they are easy to make...a great gift for a pet owner

Pet ID Tag

So this weekend I will be trying my hand at some custom tags to give to my dog-lover family members (and one for my own little nugget, Lily)

Here are the instructions, from
Tools and Materials

Shrinky Dinks printable plastic sheets (find these at your local craft store)
Regular or decorative-edge scissors
Hole punch
Pet ID tag template


1. Download Pet ID tag template to your computer's desktop. Open the file and type your pet's name and your phone number.

2. Print tags on a shrinky dink plastic sheet. Cut out with regular or decorative-edge scissors and punch a hole where indicated. Bake according to package instructions; let cool. Seal both sides with matte clear-coat spray before attaching to collar.

I will let you know how mine turn out

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  1. Okay, bad news. I searched high and low for shrinky dinks this weekend...but apparently that's just 'not what the kids are into' these days. So if you are having the same problem head on over to to order them online.