Tuesday, December 8, 2009

holiday gift guide {for the hostess}

'Tis the season for parties and fun, and to thank the gracious hosts of these events I've put together some gift ideas that are sure to get you an invite next year...

For good times and a little competition - High Cotton card game, $25 peachandlove.com
For holiday cheer - Christmas Tree kit, $8 shopgreenvillage.com
For cracking open a cold one - Menagerie of carved wooden bottle openers, $24.50 delight.com
For the eco-aficionado - Recycled windshield wine glasses, $22 set of 2, uncommon goods
For the collector - Fiesta ware sugar bowl, $18.99 fiesta factory (add your own specialty sugar)
For the Designer - Floor plan coaster set of 10, $3.95 fishseddy.com
For the elegant bartender- Candy cane swizzle sticks, $60 set of 4, 2jane.com
For a luncheon or formal occasion - Lace Pottery remembrance bowl, $40 Maggie Weldon pottery (the remembrance pattern is meant to express or recall friendship and affection)

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