Friday, December 11, 2009

weekend project

Skip the Christmas clutter this year and go for some natural decor. Whether using it indoors or out, a fresh wreath is a great way to spruce up your home, and you don't have to store it later. Here is an easy project to get you going -after all, it's already mid-December...I'd call you a procrastinator, but I'm in the same boat :)

10-Minute Wreaths

Here are the instructions, from Southern Living. Check out more project ideas and inspired living tips at

The Goods You'll Need

  1. Frames: To re-create this look, purchase inexpensive frames from a crafts or hobby store. They go on sale quite frequently, so watch for flyers in your local paper, and then stock up. The style doesn't matter because the base won't show in the end.
  2. Wire: Use green florist wire that comes on a paddle (see photo above, right). It's easier to handle when applying the greenery in a continuous fashion. Use green wire, which blends in nicely with the garland.
  3. Greenery: Here's the secret: Use garland to completely cover the frames. Look for deals at home-improvement stores or large wholesale clubs. We found a 25-foot cedar garland for less than $20. Simply start at one corner of the frame, and continue to wire the garland completely around the piece. Cut the garland, and tuck in pieces of greenery to fill holes.
  4. Clippers: You'll need a good pair of clippers or wire cutters to cut the garland into pieces that perfectly fit each frame.

It Helps To Know

  1. Pick the freshest garland possible. Give it a good shake; if your feet are covered in pieces of greenery, put it back.
  2. Wear gloves, especially if using cedar garland. The greenery has tiny little needles that can irritate your skin.
  3. Store the frames for next year. While you may feel you're spending more on materials this season, next Christmas all you'll need is greenery.
  4. If you place a wreath on a window, you may want to cover the back of the frame as well.

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