Tuesday, December 29, 2009

inspired life, day 2

Today we're going to focus on health. I think this is so important because it seems to get overlooked more than anything else. Sure, we'll eat better next week, exercise tomorrow and take some time for ourselves after...(insert excuse here).

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The thing is, if we don't have our health what do we have?

So my assignment for today is to ask yourself: How do I feel? Take a look at your physical well-being and make note of what's going on. If there is something that you know you could improve, come up with some simple changes to start.

For example, if you've been feeling tired a lot lately and you've become a caffeine addict as a result, make a promise to get yourself to bed a half hour earlier for a couple nights (Note: I won't tell you to ditch the caffeine, so don't worry...). In a couple of days ask yourself the same question and see if the answer is any different.

Feel free to share as much or as little as you want. We've got two days left to our giveaway so let's keep it up! If you're still feeling inspired when this is over, check out the whole living total action plan for wellness

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  1. Right now I feel like I have some lbs to loose. I know that I can and I know how through proper diet and workingout but it's the doing it part that at the moment I am lazy about engaging in. I promise for 2010 to loose those extra lbs and be a better biabetic. I also promise to actually do it rather than just writing in on here.

  2. Note to Rama: my question to you is why do you want to lose weight? To have more energy, look better, what? If you identify your real reasons behind wanting to just 'lose weight' I think you'll find it easier to stay on track with it.

    Also, you know the obvious ways to lose weight are to eat better and workout. But again, I ask what your motivation is. For example, if it's because you want to feel healthier overall, make small goals to start with so you can see an improvement (such as having more energy) and this will keep you motivated to up the anty little by little.

    If you simply promise to eat better and workout more, you're a lot more likely to go whole hog for a few weeks and then give it up.

  3. If I loose at least 10 lbs and maintain a regular workout routine etc. then my blood sugar will be low enough that I will never have to know what it feels like to inject with insulin.

    I have been Diabetic since 2003 and so far never needed insulin but I have always yoyoed (which has put in borderline situations) and I need to stop the yo yo business once and for all. For good!