Thursday, December 31, 2009

inspired life, final day

Thank you everyone for all the support this week, it's been an important series for me personally and I hope a helpful one for you too. As we bring this giveaway series to a close it's time to look at a topic that is often overlooked but just as important to living a balanced, happy life.

Let's talk about passion.

Think about your life for a moment in pie-chart form. The portions are divided between things you don't like to do, things you do like to do, and things you don't really mind doing. And then there is the section of your life that is spent doing something that you are passionate about. It lights you up from the inside, something you can get lost in and feel richer for. What percentage of your chart falls into this category?

Stop and think on this. Letting your passion play a larger role in your life will create a sense of self that nothing or no-one else can give you. If your 'pie-chart' number is relatively low or non-existent, now is a great time to really examine the things that make you feel whole. Once you are aware of how much or how little time you devote to your passion you can figure out ways to bring it into your life even more.

Let's use me as a quick example. I know I'm passionate about design. I also love giving advice. I get excited when I find cool, design-y things in magazines or on the internet. I'm giddy when it comes to fabric, dinnerware, pillows, you-name-it. I'm a self-proclaimed design geek! So when I sat down a year ago and had this same conversation with myself...this blog was born.

And when I had this conversation with myself (and my husband this time) a few months ago, another project came to be. We decided to open a furniture and home decor store. That's not exactly how I planned to announce it, but in the spirit of openness -and getting the point across- this is the perfect place to put it out there.

Even when life gets crazy, demands are high, money is tight, and support is hard to come by, there is always room to nurture what you love to do. So the assignment today is to look at your 'chart' and see where it falls. I imagine that most of us could use a little more spark, so my next assignment is to have that conversation with yourself about what exactly makes you glow. Once you've got it identified you can begin to work it into your life with small (or large) steps.

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Thank you once again for following along and I hope you've enjoyed doing this as much as I have. I feel rejuvenated, inspired and ready to take on the New Year. Cheers!

Oooh, one last thing. If you're inspired by this to seek out a new passion, check out this great article from Life Coach Cheryl Richardson. Click here


  1. We all need to be reminded to seek out our passion! Mine has to do with the beach (a large part of why I chose to live in California!) yet I seldom see the beach. I am creating a CAPSTONE to remind me daily of my dream to own a home on or near the beach so that I can walk it daily and have my pottery wheel in my backyard and hear the waves as I create and write!

  2. Pie chart! What a great idea. I will actually do this. Thanks again, Linsi, for an insightful series.

  3. Mmmmm, pie.... Oh wait, that's pie CHARTS. Well, a delicious post nonetheless. I always knew you'd do well, and this post just proves it. I'm so excited to see what you and David can do about creating a shop. I know it will be amazing!

  4. A new store, WOW. What's its name? Okay so what % is my passion focused on, 100% of my time, because I'm passionate about people, life and Jesus. My problem is balance of the passions.
    Happy New Year David and Linsi,

  5. What a great way to start off the new year- thanks, Linsi... And upon reflecting on the ups and downs of 2009, I feel that meeting like-minded 'design geeks' like you has been a definite highlight. Your passion inspires others, and I wish you and David the best in the new year. Keep us posted!

  6. I love this Linsi! I am very passionate about design as well and jumping in to do it full-time never felt so good. My work is my passion, then loving my family and friends, and ultimately, enjoying life. Thanks for reminding us to look at what we truly love doing and that we should always follow our dreams.

  7. Great blogs per usual, Linsi. Best of luck with your endeavors, but I know it will be successful because you always give 110% to your work. I'm excited to see what you and David come up with in the New Year - all the best!

  8. Very exciting to hear about the direction you're heading, Linsi. Wish you and David the best for 2010!

  9. I second what Evan said! What I am most passionate about is designing and helping people acheive their dream garden space.